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mif 4 front
mif 4 back
Digital audio workstations as well as lighting and show control software make use of MTC midi timecode for synchronisation. The new mif4 provides professional interfacing to standard LTC (SMPTE) timecode. Rosendahl sync algorithms suppress timecode jitter and drop outs.

SOURCE = LTC read LTC (SMPTE) timecode, display and convert into MTC/USB midi time code and regenerate LTC (SMPTE) timecode.
SOURCE = MIDI read MTC from MIDI input, display and convert into LTC (SMPTE) and regenerate MTC/USB midi timecode.
SOURCE = USB read MTC from USB, display and convert into LTC (SMPTE) and regenerate MTC/USB midi timecode.
SOURCE = GEN the timecode generator can be set up and started manually or remote controlled by MMC midi machine control comands.
FPS timecode standards are automatically detected and displayed by the four FPS LEDs (24, 25, 30 Frames Per Second, DF is SMPTE Drop Frame standard).
DISPLAY = TC shows timecode in hours, minutes, seconds and frames.
DISPLAY = UB SMPTE user bits, 8 nibbles shown hexadecimal.
DISPLAY = CAL informs about timecode speed. 29.97 non drop timecode for example is indicated by 30 FPS LED and calibration 0.9990.
DISPLAY = REF PAL or NTSC video syncs (576i, 480i) as well as HD tri-level syncs (720p, 1080i, 1080p) are automatically detected and displayed along with their frame rate.
Rack ears for RU1 installation are not included but can be purchased separately (optional accessory).
mif 4 rack

mif4 3.1 for Windows 10 and Mac OS Big Sur mif4 31 screenshots

mif4 driver 1.2 for Windows

Midi Machine Control utility MMC_11.zip for Windows

Version 1.1 can be configured at startup using command line options.
See enclosed mmc_11_readme.txt file for more information.
The programme sends MMC transport commands to control mif4 or any other MMC-controllable device and displays returned MTC time code.

MMC 1.1